Eating EPCOT: International Festival of the Arts

By Courtney Tutas / February 11, 2022

Everyone loves a good EPCOT festival. What’s a good festival without the food? We stopped at three quick service locations during a short visit to the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts. PopEats! was by far our favorite. Here’s a review of our tastings.

Pop Eats!

Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese: A simple grilled cheese sandwich made with buttery Texas toast with a side of creamy, cheese-topped tomato soup. Yum! $5.25

Tomato Soup with Bacon, Apple, and Brie Grilled Cheese: The soup was creamy and topped with cheese. The grilled cheese brie, bacon, and apple was a surprisingly delicious combination. $6.25

Pop’t Art: A “modern-designed sugar cookie with chocolate-hazelnut filling”.  This is your basic iced sugar cookie with a tasty chocolate-hazelnut filling. This cookie is similar to the Lunch Box Tart found at Woody’s Lunch Box in Hollywood Studios. $4.50

Refreshment Port

Gnocchi Poutine with Red Wine-braised Beef, Cheese Curds, Basil, and Burrata: The flavor of the beef was delicious. The burrata was a nice light cheese and also a nice addition. The gnocchi was an interesting substitute for the french fries found in the traditional poutine. $9.00

Deco Delights

Orange Mousse with Lemon Cake and Raspberry Meringues: The orange mousse and the cookie it sits on was good. The lemon cake was generic, but not bad. The raspberry meringues were hard and crunchy and while the raspberry flavor was distinct, the taste and texture was not something to be desired. $4.50

Decadent Valrhona Chocolate with Dark Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Brownie, and Cassis Mousse: It’s a little hard to tell what all is going on here. First off, I’ll start with the chocolate ice cream which came on the side and melted very quickly. The ice cream was of course yummy and the crunchy, cookie crumb-like pieces under it was a nice texture combination. The brownie was good, as was the chocolate mouse on top, yet it was very rich. Cassis mousse is made with blackcurrant, therefore giving it a purple tint. The purple is visible, but the taste was not quite there, unless the blackcurrant was in the smear on the bottom which I was unable to taste due to the thin layer being dried to the plate. This was by far the best dish from Deco Delights. $5.00


Dulce Chocolate Mousse with Chocolate Crémeux and Dark Chocolate Truffle: The chocolate crémeux  was rich and tasty as was the dark chocolate truffle. The dulce chocolate mousse was a big a disappointment. The flavor, or the lack there of, was not what I hoped for. The cookie the cake and mousse sat upon was good. The ornamental chocolate side piece tasted like it was covered in paper. $5.25

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Courtney Tutas