2024 First Quarter Report: Trends in the DVC Resale Market

By Kristen Tutas / May 10, 2024

This article contains our First Quarter DVC resale market report for 2024. This will include Right of First Refusal (ROFR) data and average sale prices from offers accepted and sent to ROFR during January, February, and March 2024. 

We sold just over 23,300 DVC points this quarter, with contracts ranging from 25 points up to 896 points and an overall average price per point of $114. Disney exercised ROFR on only one contract this quarter.

When viewing the data below, keep in mind that individual sale prices can easily vary based on the size of the contract (in points) and the current point availability of the contract – “loaded” (having current points + banked points) or “stripped” (having no current points). Prices below do not include closing costs or annual dues – two separate features to the sale terms.

The “Hi Price” typically represents smaller point contracts, under 50 points. Smaller points contracts tend to be rarer with a larger buyer base, therefore they sell for higher than the average contract. The opposite is seen for larger point contracts, over 300 points. There is a much smaller buyer base for these so they tend to sell for less than the average, typically represented by the “Lo Price.”

ResortAvg PriceLo PriceHi Price
Animal Kingdom$104$93$135
Bay Lake Tower$137$118$175
Beach Club$147$136$170
Boulder Ridge$106$95$125
Copper Creek$135$125$145
Grand Californian$245
Grand Floridian$156$130$190
Hilton Head$62$60$63
Old Key West (2042)$80$64$115
Old Key West (2057)$85
Saratoga Springs$100$88$135
Vero Beach$55$45$65

First Quarter ROFR 2024

The DVC Resale Market 2024

Similar to the housing market, the DVC resale market also experienced a significant rise in prices towards the end of 2020 and into 2021. Prices started to drop at the end of 2022 and have become more consistent with the rates we were seeing before the pandemic.

There are a few things that are different in today’s market, compared to pre-pandemic, which may influence prices to continue in a downward trend for many properties.

First, Disney continues not to exercise their Right of First Refusal. We went from seeing buyback rates as high as 36% at the end of 2021 to only having three contracts exercised in all of 2023 and one so far in 2024. ROFR rates help establish a baseline, and without them, offers and sale prices tend to have a wider range.

Second, there are a handful of properties expiring in 18 years. With more new DVC properties opening and expanded options for buyers, the older resorts will naturally see a decline in price.

The continuing loss of “perks” for resale buyers also influences the perceived value of a DVC membership. All these things, over time, influence what buyers are willing to pay for a property purchased on the secondary market.

Thinking of buying or selling?

Working with a trusted brokerage with the knowledge and experience you need to make sure you get a fair price and have a successful purchase or sale is so important in times like these. If you are unsure of what you should offer or what you should accept as far as an offer goes, please contact us! We are here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about Disney’s ROFR or want more details on a particular sale or resort, please email us at or call 866-544-2919.

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