Closing Costs

Approximate Closing Costs for a DVC Resale Purchase

The closing costs for a DVC resale will vary depending on the dollar amount of purchase and the state in which the property is located. These costs will include title search, title insurance, administrative fees and recording fees (deed and any other pertinent documents). The closing costs are paid to the title company or attorney at closing. If you are financing your purchase, additional closing costs for the loan typically range from $300-$450.

Purchase PriceClosing Costs
up to $5,000apprx $425 – $508
up to $8,000apprx $465 – $529
up to $11,000apprx $495 – $550
up to $14,000apprx $510 – $575
up to $17,000apprx $555 – $615
up to $20,000apprx $585 – $655
up to $23,000apprx $610 – $690
up to $26,000apprx $650 – $755
up to $29,000apprx $685 – $770
up to $32,000apprx $720 – $805
up to $35,000apprx $750 – $845
up to $38,000apprx $785 – $885
up to $41,000apprx $820 – $920
over $41,000call for quote
Hilton Headapprx $700
Aulaniapprx $900
Californiaapprx $700

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