Rental Rates


Home Resort Priority (7-11 Months in Advance)
While we love all Deluxe Resorts equally, we do find that renters are willing to pay different amounts, in general, based on the resort being booked in the priority window. Our suggested rates and the corresponding payouts are listed below.

Your Home ResortAdvertised RateYou ReceiveOur Commission
Tier 1:
Beach Club
Disneyland Hotel
Grand Floridian
Grand Californian
$23.00 per point$18.50 per point$4.50 per point
Tier 2:
Animal Kingdom
Bay Lake Tower
Boulder Ridge
Copper Creek
$22.00 per point$17.50 per point$4.50 per point
Tier 3:
Hilton Head
Old Key West
Saratoga Springs
Vero Beach
$20.00 per point$15.50 per point$4.50 per point

Non-Priority Bookings Under 7 months in Advance

If the reservation check-in date falls between the current date and 7 months or your points expire within 7 months time, we recommend the following rates.

Advertised RateYou ReceiveOur Commission
GOOD$20.00 per point$15.50 per point$4.50 per point
BETTER$19.00 per point$14.50 per point$4.50 per point
BEST$18.00 per point$13.50 per point$4.50 per point

Last Minute “Flash Sale” (Points Expiring in Under 4 months)

It is challenging to book reservations for stays 4 months out or sooner. Rooms are very limited or even completely booked. If you have points that will expire in the next 4 months, you may want to consider our “flash sale” options below.

Advertised RateYou ReceiveOur Commission
GOOD$12.00 per point$7.50 per point$4.50 per point
BETTER$11.00 per point$6.50 per point$4.50 per point
BEST$10.00 per point$5.50 per point$4.50 per point