Why To Consider A Stripped Contract

By Kristen Tutas / December 6, 2018

Listings that are void of points until the following year tend to come with negative connotations — “No points until next year”… ‘“I can’t book my trip until when?” … “I’d have to borrow points and always be behind” … etc.

Today I want to put aside the negative aspects and look at the benefits that come with purchasing a listing that’s not full of points. No points until 2020? No problem! That “stripped” listing could actually be perfect for your upcoming Disney vacation. Here are five reasons why you should consider a stripped contract.

1. A Year Without Dues

If you’re not receiving points for a certain year, then you are not paying dues for that year. That’s an entire year DUES-FREE but you still have access to your account as a member and can go ahead and start making reservations.

2. You Can “Borrow” Points and Vacation Sooner

Points can be borrowed up to one year in advance. So lets say your points won’t renew until February 1, 2020 but you’d really like to vacation sometime in 2019. You can borrow your 2020 points for a reservation that occurs between Feb 1, 2019 and Jan 31, 2020. You can book that reservation as soon as you have access to your membership — following the 7 and 11 month booking guidelines of course.

3. You’re Not Vacationing until 2020

Not looking to vacation until 2020? By purchasing now, you can lock-in today’s pricing without having to pay for maintenance fees on points you won’t be using! Get your contract through the Right of First Refusal and have everything ready for when you want to book your trip. Purchase in advance and save yourself the anxiety of waiting and hoping you close in time for your 11 month window. Which leads to the next point…

4. You’re Ready For the 11 Month Window

If your ownership doesn’t have points coming until Feb 1, 2020, that doesn’t mean you cannot make a reservation until then. Remember, Use Year only determines when the points are “useable” not when you can book the reservation — you can book your trip 11 months out at your home or 7 months out at another resort. Example: You have plans for a March 2020 trip. You can call or go online and book that trip at your home resort starting in April of 2019. Resale closings take approximately 8 weeks plus another 2-3 weeks for Disney to transfer the ownership and set up your membership. If you have plans for a 7 or 11 month window booking, you want to give yourself enough time to be closed and ready.

For help with determining points and booking windows, download our Point Calculator App for Apple IOS  or Android.

5. You Can Have Points Transferred To You

Even though your points don’t load in until next year or the next, you’re still a member and can have points transferred into your account. Maybe you have a friend or a family member with some extra points they are willing to let you have. If not, try the Rent/Trade/Transfer forum on and see if anyone has points you can purchase to fill in the gap between when your points renew.

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