Vacation Club Life Takes On Tiana’s Palace

By Genesis Ford / November 29, 2023

One of the best things about our visit to Disneyland was getting to experience the many things we don’t have at Disney World. One of our favorites was Tiana’s Palace! Being a proper Southerner, Disney did a great job capturing the ambiance of being in the bayou.

Since it was our first trip to Tiana’s Palace, we couldn’t help but take in the aura as we walked in. With the traditional checkered floors, french country decor, and warm, inviting lighting, it feels like you just walked into New Orleans! We specifically appreciated the cafeteria-style serving. It felt very family-style, with the outdoor seating where everyone comes together to enjoy their meal. You immediately feel like you’re dining in Princess and the Frog with Tiana. You can view the full menu here.

Now, let’s get down to what everyone is interested in, the food. We felt it only right to try as much as possible to give you all your money’s worth.

Have a look at the menu. We decided to go with the Cajun spiced half chicken, seven greens gumbo, buttermilk cornbread, baked macaroni, and cheese, and then we finished the meal with the house-filled beignet.

Our Ratings:

Cajun-spiced half chicken: 7.5/10
We thought the chicken was cooked well! What we found to be interesting was the spice of it. It was surprisingly sweetly spiced, but we expected it to have more kick, mainly because it’s advertised as cajun. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the dish. The Mac and cheese was great, but we found the side of “coleslaw” to be subpar. It was more zucchini than cole slaw but tasted like bread and butter pickles. So, if you’re not a fan of sweet and vinegary foods, steer clear.

Seven greens gumbo: 8/10
Finding filling and nourishing food in the parks can be difficult as a vegetarian. This gumbo was an excellent option for a lunch that will leave you feeling happy and ready to take Disneyland by storm. The greens in the dish were cooked and seasoned well. The sweet potatoes were an excellent addition to the plate as well. My one critique would be the spoonful of rice. A good gumbo typically comes with a nice bed of rice, so that’s the one thing I felt this dish was missing.

Macaroni and Cheese: 8/10
Mac and cheese is Mac and cheese. It’s not something that can be easily messed up. We enjoyed the texture and flavor. It could have been slightly cheesier, but for a baked Mac from a theme park, it was good for what it was.

Buttermilk cornbread: 8.5/10
Like the Mac, we felt the same about the cornbread. It was a great addition to the meal. Especially with a side of butter, yummy.

House-filled beignet: 8/10
The beignet was lemon-filled, which isn’t traditional to the ones from Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, but it was good nonetheless. It was served room temp, which contributed to its lost points. If you’re craving the real thing, they sell Cafe du Monde beignet mix boxes!

Should you have the opportunity to visit Disneyland, make sure to stop by for a great bite and an awesome time with the family. For more articles like this, visit our blog.

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Genesis Ford