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  1. How Much Does DVC Cost? Prices for 2023

    Looking to join the Disney Vacation Club but wondering how much it cost? Look no further! If you’re looking at buying points with DVC its good to know what the options are and how much per point you’ll be spending if you choose to purchase direct from Disney, the developer. Purchase prices vary by resort, starting at $150 per point up to $310 per point.  There are also different minimum point requirements based on resort and if you’re an existing member or new member.



    It is important to note that these rates and terms below apply only to points purchased direct from Disney Vacation Club, not to points purchased on the resale market. Minimum purchases are subject to change and can be confirmed with a DVC sales rep. As of 2021, 150 direct purchase points are required in order to be eligible for Membership Magic perks and benefits.

    Resort  New Members Current Member Add-On
    Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas $217 per point;
    150-point minimum
    $217 per point;
    25-point minimum
    Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort $275 per point;
    150-point minimum
    $275 per point;
    25-point minimum
    Boulder Ridge Villas (VWL) $215 per point;
    150-point minimum
    $215 per point;
    25-point minimum
    Copper Creek Villas & Cabins $250 per point;
    150-point minimum
    $250 per point;
    50-point minimum
    Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas $210 per point;
    150-point minimum
    $210 per point;
    25-point minimum
    Disney’s Beach Club Villas $275 per point;
    150-point minimum
    $275 per point;
    25-point minimum
    Disney’s BoardWalk Villas $240 per point;
    150-point minimum
    $240 per point;
    25-point minimum
    Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort $165 per point;
    150-point minimum
    $205 per point;
    25-point minimum
    Disney’s Old Key West Resort $205 per point;
    150-point minimum
    $205 per point;
    25-point minimum
    Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows $250 per point;
    150-point minimum
    $250 per point;
    25-point minimum
    Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa $205 per point;
    150-point minimum
    $205 per point;
    25-point minimum
    Disney’s Riviera Resort $217 per point;
    150-point minimum
    $217 per point;
    50-point minimum
    Disney’s Vero Beach Resort $150 per point;
    150-point minimum
    $150 per point;
    25-point minimum
    Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel $310 per point;
    150-point minimum
    $310 per point;
    25-point minimum
    Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa $217 per point;
    150-point minimum
    $217 per point;
    25-point minimum

    Information is deemed accurate but not guaranteed. Source: DVCNews.com – updated 12/5/22


    If Disney’s direct prices are out of your budget, then you’ve come to the right place. We can help you become a DVC member for a fraction of the cost. Savings range from 21% up to 50%! 

    Disney sets the rate for direct sales, whereas prices on the resale market can be negotiated with the seller and are usually substantially lower. You can purchase any of the DVC resorts by resale at a much lower rate. Take a look at the chart below to see just how much you can save.

    Resort  Direct Price  Avg. Resale Price
    Resale Savings
    Aulani, Disney Vacation Club Villas $217 per point $109 per point 50%
    Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort $275 per point $160 per point 42%
    Boulder Ridge Villas $215 per point $116 per point 46%
    Copper Creek Villas & Cabins $250 per point $154 per point 38%
    Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas $210 per point $127 per point 40%
    Disney’s Beach Club Villas $275 per point $158 per point 43%
    Disney’s BoardWalk Villas $240 per point $142 per point 41%
    Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort $165 per point $85 per point 48%
    Disney’s Old Key West Resort $205 per point $113 per point 45%
    Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows $250 per point $158 per point 37%
    Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa $205 per point $118 per point 42%
    Disney’s Riviera Resort $217 per point $139 per point 36%
    Disney’s Vero Beach Resort $150 per point $76 per point 49%
    Villas at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel $310 per point $244 per point 21%
    Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa $217 per point $161 per point 26%

    Click here for previous price comparisons


    While there are some restrictions when buying resale, the drastic savings usually outweigh these. Another factor to consider are the minimum point requirements for new members. As seen in the first chart above, Disney usually requires new owners who purchase direct to make a purchase of at least 100 points, however, to gain the “blue card” member benefits you must purchase a minimum of 150 points.  If you are a first time buyer wanting less than 100 points, the best option, and sometimes the only option, is to buy resale.

    Eleven of the 15 DVC resorts are “sold out,” meaning all the allocated points for that resort have been sold and you cannot readily purchase points for those resorts direct from Disney. Aulani, Copper Creek, Riviera and Grand Floridian are the only resorts that are not completely sold out and are readily available to purchase direct from Disney.  Disney can acquire inventory for sold out resorts through owner foreclosures and Right of First Refusals but they are sold first-come first-serve according to buyers on a waitlist. You may be waiting a while to get exactly what you want.   So if you have your heart set on another resort, you may wish to purchase resale where there are more options steadily available and at a lower upfront cost.

    We’d love to walk you through the process and help you find the perfect contract to fit your needs.

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  2. 3rd Quarter – DVC Resale and ROFR Report

    This article contains our Third Quarter DVC resale report which includes Right of First Refusal (ROFR) and average sale prices from offers that were accepted and sent to ROFR during the months of July, August, and September 2021. Average sale prices continued in an upward trend and Disney’s ROFR rates increased as well.  We are continuing to see a lower amount of inventory as more buyers are looking to make a purchase creating a shift in supply v. demand. Garden Views Realty (ResalesDVC) sold close over 23,000 DVC points this quarter with just under 25% of those being exercised by Disney’s Right of First Refusal.

    What is Disney’s Right of First Refusal?
    The purpose of Disney’s Right of First Refusal (ROFR) is to control the value of their property. When there is an accepted offer and a signed contract, DVC will do an analysis of the terms of the contract and decide if they wish to “step in” as the buyer. The criteria DVC uses for ROFR is not public information but one important factor for exercising ROFR would be if they feel the selling price, including who pays closing costs and maintenance and taxes, is below the target price they have established.

    July-September 2021 

    When viewing the data below, keep in mind that individual sale prices can easily vary based on the size of the contract (in points) and the current point availability of the contract – “loaded” (having current points + banked points) or “stripped” (having no current points). Smaller point contracts tend to sell for around $10-$15 per point higher due to high demand and lower inventory. Prices below do not include closing costs or annual dues – two separate features to the sale terms.

    RESORT Avg. Sale Price
    Apr-Jun 2021
    Avg. Sale Price

    Jul-Sep 2021
    Animal Kingdom $128 $127 130 points @ $121
    150 points @ $120
    150points @ $121
    180 points @ $118
    220 points @ $127
    300 points @ $125
    Aulani $109 $128
    Bay Lake Tower $166 $161 100 points @ $140
    435 points @ $155
    Beach Club Villas $153 $163
    Boardwalk Villas $130 $141 350 points @ $120
    Grand Californian $260
    Grand Floridian $184 $175
    Hilton Head $80 $85
    Old Key West (2042) $114 $124 130 points @ $110
    210 points @ $108
    230 points @ $100
    230 points @ $120
    Old Key West (2057) $150  $139
    Polynesian $168 $170
    Riviera $147 $156
    Saratoga Springs $119 $124 100 points @$125
    100 points @$125
    125 points @ $120
    130 points @ $128
    150 points @ $115
    150 points @ $120
    150 points @ $120
    150 points @ $121
    150 points @ $123
    150 points @ $123
    150 points @ $123
    160 points @ $122
    160 points @ $126
    200 points @ $118
    200 points @ $120
    200 points @ $125
    210 points @ $125
    225 points @ $110
    230 points @ $125
    245 points @ $105
    270 points @ $122
    400 points @ $119
    Vero Beach $70 $76
    Wilderness Lodge: Boulder Ridge $102 $104 210 points @ $112
    Wilderness Lodge: Copper Creek $159 $161

    Contract sizes sold this quarter ranged from 25 points up to 600 points with the average amount of points purchased being 153 points. The most points were sold at Saratoga Springs, followed by Animal Kingdom and Bay Lake. 



    Click here for previous DVC ROFR data

    Working with a trusted brokerage with the knowledge and experience you need to make sure you get a fair price and have a successful purchase or sale is so important in times like these.  If you are unsure of what you should offer or what you should accept as far as an offer goes, please contact us!  We are here for you every step of the way. If you have any questions about Disney’s ROFR or want more details on a particular sale or resort, please email us at team@resalesdvc.com or call 866-544-2919.

  3. A Look at the Updated Saratoga Springs Deluxe Studio Preferred Room

    These photos were taken during my stay at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa on September 30th to October 1st, 2021. My room was in The Springs section which is conveniently located near the High Rock Spring Pool, The Artist’s Palette restaurant and gift shop, and the bus stop. Also in this area is the Win, Place, or Show Arcade, the Community Hall, On The Rocks Pool Bar, the fitness center and Senses the spa.

    Here’s a look at the newly updated Saratoga Springs Deluxe Studio Preferred room. The “Preferred” rooms are located in The Springs and Congress Park. Remember, “preferred” refers to location, not necessarily view. They sleep four with a queen-size bed and a double-size Murphy (pull-down) Bed.  Check out the sweet artwork and hidden Mickey! The new Murphy Bed, although firm, is more comfortable than the traditional pull-out sofa with a bar across your back.

    One bonus feature for this room is the amount of outlets and USB ports available. The nightstand had several “plug-in” spots along with the TV stand.

    The room is your typical Deluxe Studio. The floor plan on Disney’s website for this room shows a table and chairs, however this was not the case, at least not for this room. Fortunately the coffee table opens up into a space that allows in room dining. I would find this somewhat inconvenient if traveling with more than one other person.  Also, keep in mind that the person sleeping on the Murphy Bed must be awake to use the loveseat.

    The bathroom is neutral colors with a shower/tub combo, sliding glass doors, and a fancy shower head. The shower head also includes a handheld attachment which I was glad to see. This feature will come in handy when trying to wash hair on the little ones. Don’t forget about the pull out clothes line for hanging those wet bathing suits the coveted Disney H2O+ toiletry items.

    The sink area is a nice clean white. There is a magnified makeup mirror on the wall and a hair dryer in the drawer. The closet gives ample space and contains an ironing board, iron, hangers, extra pillows (the blanket is already on the pull-out bed), a room safe, and even a vacuum cleaner. The kitchenette consists of a mini fridge, drip coffeemaker, toaster, and microwave. Paper plates and plasticware are supplied for eating. Grab extra creamer, there were only 4 in the room.

    The room has a small balcony with chairs. My room overlooked the road. Remember location not view!

    Let’s get one more look at that adorable artwork. Welcome home!

  4. New DVC Villas Opening At The Grand Floridian

    Disney's Grand Floridian

    (Press Release)

    Disney Vacation Club Announces Expansion at The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

    Orlando, FL (May 19, 2021) – Today, Disney Vacation Club shared plans to reimagine one building of existing hotel rooms at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa into Disney Vacation Club Villas.

    “This is great news for Disney Vacation Club and our Members,” said Terri Schultz, senior vice president, Disney Vacation Club. “It will provide us with new and diverse inventory at a resort that is cherished by our Members and their families.”

    Located on the shores of Seven Seas Lagoon and on the monorail line to Magic Kingdom Park, the proposed project will transform Big Pine Key (building nine) at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa into approximately 200 Resort Studios, accommodating up to five Guests.

    Featuring the Victorian elegance and charm of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort, these new Villas will offer Members luxury accommodations and amenities, with some Villas boasting stunning views of Bay Lake and Magic Kingdom. Projected to open in summer 2022, these new Villas are an expansion of The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and will be a part of its current condominium association. Information regarding the start of sales and rental bookings will be released at a later date.

    Since 2013, Members have reveled in the Victorian splendor of The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, enjoying the comforts of home, impeccable service, amenities and fun-in-the-sun recreation available at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa currently has 100 Disney Vacation Club homes and offers a mix of accommodation styles, ranging from Deluxe Studios to three-bedroom Grand Villas.

    # # #

    Disney Vacation Club, a leader in vacation ownership, debuted in 1991 with a flexible, vacation points-based system rather than the traditional fixed-week timeshare model. Today, Disney Vacation Club has more than 220,000 Member families, from all 50 states and approximately 100 countries, who have discovered the joys of membership.

    Disney Vacation Club Members are able to choose from among a variety of exciting vacation destinations, including a stay at any Disney Vacation Club Resort or one of thousands of other vacation options in destinations around the world. Plus, when purchasing directly from Disney, Members can also enjoy the Disney Collection, which includes select Disney Resort hotels, Disney Cruise Line and guided vacations with Adventures by Disney, as well as the Concierge Collection, a portfolio of extraordinary hotels in sought-after destinations. Vacations at a Disney Vacation Club Resort can last anywhere from one night to several weeks.

    With Disney Vacation Club properties located near the Disney theme parks in Florida and California, Members have easy access to new and innovative attractions on both coasts for years to come. For more information, visit www.disneyvacationclub.com.

  5. Managing DVC Points During THE PANDEMIC

    Managing DVC Points During THE PANDEMIC: I Don’t Want to Lose My Points!

    Disney has done a fabulous job at bending rules and reworking the program temporarily to the benefit of DVC owners.  It has now been well over a year since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic and fortunately, our family has not yet lost any of our DVC points.

    Have you been unable to travel due to restrictions in your area, or due to your own personal choice to remain close to home? Our last Disney trip was in December of 2019.  After that, things got scary in the world and cancellation followed cancellation (March 2020, July 2020, December 2020, January 2021 Cruise, and March 2021).  

    All of a sudden, our family, like many DVC families, fell out of sync with the regular routine of planning, booking the rooms at 11-months out, booking the dining reservations at 6-months out, booking fastpasses at 60-days out, and then starting all over again for the next trip.  It was a routine that kept us in the Disney mindset all year long, always dreaming of what was to come and anticipating the fun and excitement.  Then the routine became one of hitting the ‘cancel reservation’ button online and praying for some normalcy to return to the world.

    How have you managed with your DVC points to date?  The reality is that many people would have had points expiring, and despite Disney’s efforts, we still hear of many people discussing their ‘distressed points’ (meaning that they are expiring soon).

    Here are some tips on how to manage your sanity and your points during the Pandemic.

    #1. STAY INFORMED – DVC Website / Disney Website

    Regularly visit your Disney Vacation Club online dashboard for all of the most up-to-date information on Disney’s Phased Reopening.  It is important for peace of mind to know the plans for the resorts and parks, as well as to be aware of what activities, experiences or dining locations will be open before you plan your vacation.  There is no need to be unexpectedly disappointed upon arrival because the Disney website and the Disney Vacation Club website both provide the most accurate information on the resorts and parks.


    Banking points is the first step towards protecting your points.  Keep track of what you have available for the current use-year and be sure to bank those points prior to your banking deadline.  Remember that banking can only be done up to the end of the 8th month following point allocation.  So, if for example, you have a Contract with a December Use-Year, you must bank your points by the upcoming July 31; an April Use-Year (points allocated April 1) would have until end of November before banking is disallowed.


    The EASIEST way to offload those extra points!

    There are thousands of families looking to book a trip to Disney at any given time, and your points have great value to them!  Most families that are aware of POINT RENTALS tend to want to ALWAYS rent, while those families who DO NOT know about point rentals would LOVE to stay at the Deluxe Resorts for a FRACTION of the retail booking cost by renting YOUR points!

    The biggest hurdle is simply getting those points exposed to potential renters.  There are two main options available to you for renting out your points:

    1. Through a Company – ResalesDVC (https://www.resalesdvc.com) assists customers with point rentals, for example.
    2. Privately, On Your Own

    Of course, some prefer the peace of mind that comes with letting a reputable company tend to the details, while others prefer to earn a slightly higher rate per point, and find renters on their own.  The easiest way to find renters is through word of mouth and various Facebook groups dedicated to point rentals.

    Whatever route you choose, the earlier you decide to market those points, the better your chance of both finding a renter, and getting top value for the points.  My experience with renting points is that I can get my dues covered for the points and reap a small profit as well.  The renter gets to stay at a Disney Deluxe Resort for a fraction of the retail cost.  Once you rent privately, you likely will have a customer for life. Even if you have only a small number of points, or if they are very distressed with a close expiration date, do not fret.  Many local or nearby residents to Walt Disney World enjoy last minute deals and short stay getaways.

    Via Napoli Pizza#4. STAY DISNEY FOCUSED

    Don’t let the temporary pause in your Disney vacations get you down. Keep booking those beautiful resorts, and don’t stop planning the ‘next’ trip. Keep dreaming of that next Via Napoli visit and that wonderful pizza!

    You do not have to lose your DVC points during this pandemic.  There are lots of people looking to travel to Disney World right now!  So many people would love the opportunity to wake-up to the Savanna at Animal Kingdom Lodge or to relax all day in Stormalong Bay at Beach Club.

    Stormalong Bay at Beach Club

    Stormalong Bay at Beach Club

    So, remember, you may be able to bank your points, and the DVC program is constantly updating its rules for cancellations, removal of ‘holding account’ penalties, and returning points back to original use-years.  

    Further, there are LOTS of people out there looking for your points right now!  Renting offers a win-win for everyone involved, and it’s super easy.  With everything else going on these days, don’t let DVC points be a source of stress.  

    Stay safe, and be prepared for that next visit to WDW!

    Kids' Water Play Area at Wilderness Lodge

    Kids’ Water Play Area at Wilderness Lodge


    Follow Jason Swain and his family on YouTube: Disney Vacation Family

  6. Proposed 2021 Disney Vacation Club Annual Dues

    The 2021 Budgets were calculated based on the Association’s 2020 fiscal year operating experience and anticipated or known changes in costs for 2021. The Annual Dues for the year January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021 are comprised of the estimated Annual Operating Budget, the estimated Annual Capital Reserves Budget, and the estimated ad valorem taxes. The budgets will be officially approved at DVC’s Condo Association meeting, scheduled for December 10th of this year. More details on attending that meeting are below.

    The proposed 2021 dues amounts are displayed below by resort. We are still waiting for Vero Beach and will update accordingly. Your total dues bill will be based on how many points you own at that particular resort. For example, 100 points at Animal Kingdom Villas would equate to $802.78 ($8.0278  x 100 points). A contract of 100 points at Boardwalk Villas would equate to $781.26 ($7.8126 x 100 points). You can also view the Estimated budgets for each resort by clicking the links below.

    Proposed 2021 Disney Vacation Club Annual Dues
    Resort 2020 Dues 2021 Dues Increase
    Animal Kingdom Villas $7.6685 $8.0278 +4.68%
    Aulani $8.3312 $8.3539 +0.27%
    Bay Lake Tower $6.5770 $6.8998 +4.91%
    Beach Club Villas $7.0634 $7.4373 +5.29%
    BoardWalk Villas $7.3650 $7.8126 +6.08%
    Boulder Ridge $7.7808 $8.1062 +4.18%
    Copper Creek Villas $7.4471 $7.5903 +1.92%
    Grand Californian $6.5985 $6.9927 +5.97%
    Grand Floridian $6.5616 $6.8118 +3.81%
    Hilton Head $9.1010 $9.9730 +9.58%
    Old Key West $7.8363 $8.3578 +6.65%
    Polynesian $6.7912 $7.0542 +3.87%
    Riviera $8.3082 $8.3833 +0.90%
    Saratoga Springs $6.7650 $7.1110 +5.11%
    Vero Beach $10.1257 $11.2307 +10.91%

    The above information is deemed accurate, originally posted on: dvcnews.com



    The following information is from Disney Vacation Club Management, LLC.

    You are invited to attend the joint 2020 Condominium Association Meetings for Disney Vacation Club Resort Associations, scheduled for Thursday, December 10, 2020, at Disney’s Contemporary Resort Convention Center. The Board of Directors Annual Meeting will begin at 2 p.m. EST, and immediately afterward, the Member Annual Meeting is scheduled to begin at 2:10 p.m. EST. A question-and-answer session will be held as part of the Member Annual Meeting and will be open to questions specifically related to agenda items and the proposed budgets.

    • In accordance with protocols at Walt Disney World® Resort and in the state of Florida, a range of health and safety measures will be implemented at the meetings, including required face coverings and physical distancing measures.
    • To adhere to these important health and safety guidelines, a Member reception will not be held after the formal meetings.
    • Video highlights, including the proposed budgets and updates on Disney Vacation Club resorts and other experiences, will be available at www.disneyvacationclub.com soon after the meetings occur.

    With COVID-19 health and safety measures in place, an RSVP and your agreement to the COVID-19 waiver are required to attend the meetings, and both must be completed by November 20, 2020.

    • Please visit www.disneyvacationclub.com for important meeting updates and requirements, and for links to RSVP and agree to the waiver. From the home page, go to the My DVC tab and then Condo Association News. On the Condo Association News page, click on the 2020 Annual Meetings section. If you are unable to access the website to RSVP and agree to the waiver, or if you have any issues registering for the meeting, please call our 24-hour line (407-566-3844) and leave us your name, Member Number and phone number for a return call.
    • You may sign up to receive future meeting notices electronically on the Condo Association News page of www.disneyvacationclub.com.

    The Notice of the Meetings, including agenda items scheduled for discussion and the proposed 2021 budgets are now on the Condo Association News page of www.disneyvacationclub.com. A number of options are available for sharing your questions and feedback.

    • If you have questions about Annual Dues, please contact Member Accounting at 800-800-9800 or 407-566-3800, Option 3.
    • For general questions about the meetings, please call Regulatory Affairs at 407-566-3363.
    • For all other inquiries, please email Member Services at members@disneyvacationclub.com.
    • You may also share your questions, thoughts and opinions directly with your Condo Association Board of Directors by visiting our feedback page on the Condo Association News section of www.disneyvacationclub.com.
  7. Permits Filed for DVC at Caribbean Beach Resort

    Permits have finally been filed for the rumored Disney Vacation Club wing and expansion of Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. WDWNT first reported of these additions and changes in June of 2016.

    The permits show the large, multi-story building that will likely be part of the Disney Vacation Club wing, as well as 6 other new structures, some replacing the existing Barbados Village. There is also a series of roadway and waterway improvements planned as well.

    The project is set to begin construction this year and be completed by 2019.

    Source: WDW News Today