Managing DVC Points During THE PANDEMIC

By Jason Swain / May 26, 2021

Managing DVC Points During THE PANDEMIC: I Don’t Want to Lose My Points!

Disney has done a fabulous job at bending rules and reworking the program temporarily to the benefit of DVC owners.  It has now been well over a year since the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic and fortunately, our family has not yet lost any of our DVC points.

Have you been unable to travel due to restrictions in your area, or due to your own personal choice to remain close to home? Our last Disney trip was in December of 2019.  After that, things got scary in the world and cancellation followed cancellation (March 2020, July 2020, December 2020, January 2021 Cruise, and March 2021).  

All of a sudden, our family, like many DVC families, fell out of sync with the regular routine of planning, booking the rooms at 11-months out, booking the dining reservations at 6-months out, booking fastpasses at 60-days out, and then starting all over again for the next trip.  It was a routine that kept us in the Disney mindset all year long, always dreaming of what was to come and anticipating the fun and excitement.  Then the routine became one of hitting the ‘cancel reservation’ button online and praying for some normalcy to return to the world.

How have you managed with your DVC points to date?  The reality is that many people would have had points expiring, and despite Disney’s efforts, we still hear of many people discussing their ‘distressed points’ (meaning that they are expiring soon).

Here are some tips on how to manage your sanity and your points during the Pandemic.

#1. STAY INFORMED – DVC Website / Disney Website

Regularly visit your Disney Vacation Club online dashboard for all of the most up-to-date information on Disney’s Phased Reopening.  It is important for peace of mind to know the plans for the resorts and parks, as well as to be aware of what activities, experiences or dining locations will be open before you plan your vacation.  There is no need to be unexpectedly disappointed upon arrival because the Disney website and the Disney Vacation Club website both provide the most accurate information on the resorts and parks.


Banking points is the first step towards protecting your points.  Keep track of what you have available for the current use-year and be sure to bank those points prior to your banking deadline.  Remember that banking can only be done up to the end of the 8th month following point allocation.  So, if for example, you have a Contract with a December Use-Year, you must bank your points by the upcoming July 31; an April Use-Year (points allocated April 1) would have until end of November before banking is disallowed.


The EASIEST way to offload those extra points!

There are thousands of families looking to book a trip to Disney at any given time, and your points have great value to them!  Most families that are aware of POINT RENTALS tend to want to ALWAYS rent, while those families who DO NOT know about point rentals would LOVE to stay at the Deluxe Resorts for a FRACTION of the retail booking cost by renting YOUR points!

The biggest hurdle is simply getting those points exposed to potential renters.  There are two main options available to you for renting out your points:

  1. Through a Company – ResalesDVC ( assists customers with point rentals, for example.
  2. Privately, On Your Own

Of course, some prefer the peace of mind that comes with letting a reputable company tend to the details, while others prefer to earn a slightly higher rate per point, and find renters on their own.  The easiest way to find renters is through word of mouth and various Facebook groups dedicated to point rentals.

Whatever route you choose, the earlier you decide to market those points, the better your chance of both finding a renter, and getting top value for the points.  My experience with renting points is that I can get my dues covered for the points and reap a small profit as well.  The renter gets to stay at a Disney Deluxe Resort for a fraction of the retail cost.  Once you rent privately, you likely will have a customer for life. Even if you have only a small number of points, or if they are very distressed with a close expiration date, do not fret.  Many local or nearby residents to Walt Disney World enjoy last minute deals and short stay getaways.


Don’t let the temporary pause in your Disney vacations get you down. Keep booking those beautiful resorts, and don’t stop planning the ‘next’ trip. Keep dreaming of that next Via Napoli visit and that wonderful pizza!

You do not have to lose your DVC points during this pandemic.  There are lots of people looking to travel to Disney World right now!  So many people would love the opportunity to wake-up to the Savanna at Animal Kingdom Lodge or to relax all day in Stormalong Bay at Beach Club.

Stormalong Bay at Beach Club

Stormalong Bay at Beach Club

So, remember, you may be able to bank your points, and the DVC program is constantly updating its rules for cancellations, removal of ‘holding account’ penalties, and returning points back to original use-years.  

Further, there are LOTS of people out there looking for your points right now!  Renting offers a win-win for everyone involved, and it’s super easy.  With everything else going on these days, don’t let DVC points be a source of stress.  

Stay safe, and be prepared for that next visit to WDW!

Kids' Water Play Area at Wilderness Lodge

Kids’ Water Play Area at Wilderness Lodge


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