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By Dave Terrill / October 2, 2017

Star Wars Guide

There is a disturbance in the force at Walt Disney World, have you felt it? For Padawans & Younglings, Jedi & Sith, Rebels & Imperials, Aliens & Bounty Hunters, Star Wars at Disney is expanding. Therefore, I’m extremely excited about this article: Your intergalactic guide to Star Wars at Disney World, and future events happening.

Star Wars Land ‘Galaxy’s Edge’

Star Wars Land constructionComing to Hollywood Studios in 2019, Star Wars Land aka ‘Galaxy’s Edge’ will be opened, ‘there is no bad feeling about this.’ Expect to be transferred to ‘A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away’, with two main attractions planned; a chance to fly in a Millennium Falcon and an e-ticket space battle adventure between First Order and The Resistance. There are also plans for a Star Wars themed interactive hotel to allow guests the chance to feel / live the SW experience during their stay.

However, before we get too excited about what’s to come, let’s talk about now. The main Star Wars attractions are all immersed into Hollywood Studios, therefore if you can’t wait for 2019, then here is my definitive guide to Star Wars at Walt Disney Word.

Hollywood Studios Star Wars “It’s a Map”

Below is the latest map (Summer 2017) and I have highlighted the main SW attractions with this symbol: 

Star Wars Map WDW


Star Tours (#13 on map): The Adventure Continues –  Located in Echo Bay, a great 3D simulation ride led by C-3PO and R2-D2 transporting you in the middle of a SW adventure, there is a height restriction (40”) and use your FastPass+ for this ride.

Force Tip — The area around Star Tours offers some lovely Star Wars views, PS – listen to the Ewok Village at night.

Launch Bay (#35 on map): Located in Animation Courtyard, Launch Bay gives you several different SW experiences.

  • Character Experiences: Where you can meet the sinister Kylo Ren, Cuddle Chewie or see BB-8 , just watch out for First Order Stormtroopers roaming around. Force Tip – The characters and CMs will remain in Character.
  • Theatre Show: Watch a 10 minute show celebrating the extraordinary creation of SW.
  • Movie Props: Host of SW movie props, costumers, scenery and artwork to view and take photos.
  • Merchandise : Launch Bay Cargo – Purchase SW collectibles, memorabilia, movie prop replicas, sculptures and other merchandise.

Force Tip – Use your memory maker for Character meets & greets.

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Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular: Located Centre Stage in DHS, an extravagant movie, light & musical firewords display that lasts approximately 14 minutes. See times guide for fireworks.

Force Tip — Arrive 20/30 mins early, and do (as there is no try) get a spot in the middle, 15m back from the stage to experience all, closer if with children.

Or if you would like to do fireworks in style, you can have a SW dessert party – treats and alcohol with VIP viewing area.  Here is the link for more details


Jedi Training Trials of the Temple (#12 on map): Located in Echo Lake, Younglings experience jedi lightsaber training, and battle Darth Vader/Seventh Sister. Watch the show or if you have children aged 4-12 yrs, then they can become part of the show. See times guide for show times.

Force Tip — Here is a step by step guide to enable your child(ren) being part of the show:

  1. Arrive at DHS close to Rope drop (20 mins before)
  2. Once park opens, head to Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost (#20 on Map) for signing your child(ren) up.
  3. Look for the below signs and start queuing (ensure your child(ren) is with you).
  4. Wait on the ‘Jedi Spot’ and head to next available Cast Member (CM).
  5. CM will ask your child(ren) age/name, can they follow directions whilst they’re on stage, preferred time slot, etc. Force Tip – Choose time slot based on your daily schedule, accountng for weather conditions as shows are subject to extreme weather.
  6. You will be given a slip (receipt) indicating time of check in.
  7. Return to the check-in desk (where you signed in) at designated time.
  8. Request your child(ren) to stay on a Blue spot until CM directs, children will be ordered into height and given Jedi robes and CMs will lead Younlings to the stage (#12 on map next to Star Tours). Force Tip — A Photo Pass CM will give you a card as they will be taking professional photos of the show.
  9. Enjoy the show: Our son Harrison managed to battle both Darth Vader and Seventh Sister. Force Tip — Ensure your child(ren) are hydrated/visited restroom prior to show.   

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SW Shows Centre Stage: Subject to change, located Centre stage on map two shows from morning til late afternoon (see time guide for show times):

  • March of The First Order: Watch on as Captain Plasma and Stormtroopers show their strength and obedience with a dautning demonstration.
  • A Galaxy Far, Far, Away : A Galaxy Far, Far Away: Many SW iconic characters take the stage for a live action 20 minute show.

Force Tip — Arrive slightly earlier for good viewing. Central and close to the stage is the best location.

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SW: Path of The Jedi (#9 on Map): Located in Echo Lake, a 10 minute moving film highlightng Jedi paths.

Force Tip — Watch this if raining or you have 25 minutes to spare.


Backlot Express (#19 on Map): Located in Echo Lake, Experience a Star Wares themed menu at efficient prices.

Force Tip — Try the delicious infamous Darth Vader Peanut Butter Cupcake

Backlot Express


Tattooine Traders (#22 on Map): Located in Echo Bay, this quirky-themed shop sells many SW merchandise, and enables you to custom build your own lightsaber/droid.

Force Tip — If staying on WDW property you can have any purchases delivered to your resort with no charge.

Please note there are many other shopping location across DHS and WDW that sell SW merchandise, e.g Galactic Outpost, The Landing, Disney Springs.

Tattooine Traders

With more changes expected, I can’t wait to experience all what Star Wars and Walt Disney World has to offer. With this in mind, May The Force Be With You!


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