Restroom Review: Where to Go in the Magic Kingdom

By Amber Lea / October 20, 2017

Admit it, restrooms are a big part of your life. We don’t talk about them often enough, but we should because a bad bathroom experience can ruin your day (or your clothes). Blogs about Walt Disney World regularly review everything from attractions to food to characters, but they shy away from numbers one and two. Now we’ll go where no blog has gone before…

The newly opened Buc-ee’s restroom in Katy, Texas, which is my standard for restroom quality

Overall, Disney restrooms are above par. I live in Texas, home to the world famous Buc-ee’s gas station restrooms, which are regularly voted the best in America, so I have high toilet standards, and Walt Disney World regularly exceeds them. Every restroom in the Magic Kingdom has baby changing tables (even the men’s!), waxed paper seat covers, and a seemingly endless supply of TP and hand towels. Even so, some bathrooms are better than others, and some are downright intolerable. You could easily spend an hour or more each day using the restroom, especially if you have little ones in tow, so it’s important to choose your throne wisely with these tips…

Rapunzel Restroom

The Rapunzel Restroom is the best in the Magic Kingdom

Located at the base of Rapunzel’s tower between the Haunted Mansion and “it’s a small world.” This is my favorite restroom in the Magic Kingdom. It is impeccably themed with the women’s restroom decorated by Rapunzel (sun-shaped lights, painted walls and ceilings, and shelves along the back wall holding Rapunzel’s favorite things) and the men’s decorated by Flynn Rider (frying pans and the color brown).

Pros: Lots of stalls in two rows, a long mirror along the back of women’s, convenient stroller parking just outside, low sinks, benches outside beneath floating lanterns, excellent theming, companion/family restroom (unisex), nearby drinking fountains, no lines

Cons: Children do not want to leave. Seriously, my daughters have spent fifteen minutes examining the knick-knacks on the shelves in the women’s restroom.

Tip: Take photos of the décor on the walls to compare the men’s and women’s restrooms, but be careful to take unobtrusive photos without other guests.

Pirates Restroom

Spanish style tiles adorn the Pirates Restroom

Located inside the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop. This is a must-use for anyone who has held it while riding over waterfalls.

Pros: Single row of stalls with a wide aisle, full-length mirror in the women’s, low sinks, good theming, benches in a covered area outside, companion/family restroom (unisex), no lines

Cons: Stroller parking outside the gift shop, “spitting toilets” (This is a real phenomenon that has been observed on many occasions: the toilets in the women’s restroom splatter when they flush. My husband has not confirmed if this is true in the men’s. Avoid using stalls with wet seats because those are most likely the spitting toilets.)

Dumbo Restroom

Young children appreciate the low sinks that are available in most restrooms

Located in the new Fantasyland by the train station. I often overlook this restroom, but my oldest daughter loves it because it is close to the splash pad.

Pros: Single row of stalls with a wide aisle, mirrors, companion/family restroom (unisex), low sinks, close to splash pad for quick clothing changes, usually an attendant on duty, no lines

Cons: Stroller parking farther away, minimal theming, out of the way location

Gaston Restroom

“Gaston smells bad.”

Located next to Gaston’s Tavern in the new Fantasyland. My children hate this one because “Gaston smells bad.” In their defense, the restroom does have a strange odor that is most likely from the tavern next door, not because Gaston himself uses the toilet there (although he often hangs around outside).

Pros: good theming, wide aisle, mirror, companion/family restroom (unisex)

Cons: occasional lines for women’s, no close stroller parking, minimal outside seating, strange smell, out of the way location, narrow walkway outside of restroom, no low sink!!! (I think this is the only restroom without one, so be prepared to lift small children when they wash their hands.)

Pinocchio Village Haus Restroom

Always look up for restroom theming! This restroom matches the Pinocchio Village Haus restaurant

Located next to the Pinocchio Village Haus restaurant with an outside entrance. This is the closest restroom to Cinderella Castle.

Pros: convenient location, good theming, low sink, some benches outside, usually an attendant on duty, large mirror, companion/family restroom (unisex)

Cons: almost always lines for women’s due to “bottlenecking” at the entrance, no close stroller parking, broken soap and paper towel dispensers (at least during this trip), seemingly not enough stalls, hot during summer

Cut-Through Restroom

Intricate tiles also adorn this Adventureland/Frontierland restroom

Located in the cut-through between Adventureland and Frontierland, near the FastPass+ kiosk, in a covered area that is convenient for eating a Dole Whip in the shade (not IN the restroom, obviously).

Pros: convenient location, double row of toilets, good theming, low sink, covered benches outside, usually an attendant on duty, cool in the summer

Cons: small mirror in women’s, occasional lines for women’s (because people don’t see the second row of stalls), no stroller parking, often crowded even when there aren’t lines, no companion restroom

Casey’s Restroom

This decor matches the Crystal Palace restaurant next door.

Located between Casey’s Corner and the Crystal Palace in the same building as the first aid station and baby care center. This is a relatively narrow, small restroom that is close to the hub and convenient during fireworks. I may just be lucky, but I rarely see other people in this restroom.

Pros: convenient location, low sink, covered benches outside, drinking fountains nearby, sometimes an attendant on duty

Cons: no stroller parking, no companion restroom, dated interior, narrow single row of toilets, fountain outside that might cause an accident, easy to walk past without realizing it’s there

Cheshire Restroom

Located just behind the Cheshire Café near a mysterious “cast members only” door through which characters like Alice and Peter Pan often pass. This restroom is almost a secret.

Pros: almost always empty, close to covered seating of Cheshire Café, drinking fountains nearby

Cons: no stroller parking, no companion restroom, no theming, easy to walk past without realizing it’s there

Speedway Restroom

A rare photo of the Speedway Restroom without a line out the door. (Seriously, I had to wait for the line to go down.)

Located in Tomorrowland across from the Speedway. This is my most hated restroom in all of Walt Disney World. Do not go here unless you literally cannot hold it. Try to make it to the Cheshire Restroom instead!

Pros: convenient location, usually a hard working attendant on duty trying to direct people to open stalls

Cons: incredibly narrow restroom with stalls a few feet away from the sinks, always lines, no stroller parking, minimal outside seating, not enough stalls in women’s or men’s, no companion restroom, not enough room for wheelchairs or scooters, paper towel dispensers out of reach of children, uncomfortably warm in the summer, so crowded that you will bump into other people

Emergency Restroom: Tony’s Restaurant

We’ve probably all used the restroom at the front of the Magic Kingdom near City Hall, which can vary from nearly empty to incredibly crowded depending on the time of day, but sometimes that restroom is inconvenient to reach due to a parade. If you’re ever on the “wrong side” of Main Street and have a bathroom emergency, duck into Tony’s Town Square Restaurant. This restroom is located next to the hosts’ podium, so you can use it without actually entering the restaurant. It’s incredibly small with only three stalls in the women’s and an awkwardly placed changing table, but it is better than nothing in a pinch. Go to the larger restroom across the street whenever possible, but keep this in mind if you have little ones who want to watch a parade from the Town Square porch.

Other Options

Of course I have not covered all of the restrooms in the Magic Kingdom. There are others, some popular and some more obscure, that you can discover or rediscover whenever you feel the urge to go.













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