How To Choose Your Disney Cruise Cabin

By Vacation Club Life / August 12, 2017

When it comes to choosing your cabin on any ship, much comes down to personal preference. After all, if the same thing worked for us all, there would only be one type of cabin. When making your decision these are some of the factors to consider:HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR DISNEY CRUISE CABIN

Do you need the children to sleep in in the morning?

When travelling with small children, inside cabins are my personal preference. Evenings aboard the ships are filled with amazing shows and character appearances, and putting the children to bed at their normal time would mean they would miss out on much of the fun. That said, no one wants children so tired that they can’t enjoy their holiday. Having an inside cabin means that you can switch their day around, and as no natural light enters the room, they will sleep longer in the morning. It even means their accompanying grown ups get the odd lie in, which has to be a win win situation.

Choosing Your Disney Cruise Cabin

How many guests are in your travelling party?

For those travelling with more than a couple of passengers in their cabin the Deluxe staterooms are worth considering. They offer a “split bath” meaning that instead of one larger bathroom, there are two areas, one containing the shower/ tub and sink unit, and the other containing a toilet and sink unit. This means that when everyone is trying to get ready at the same time, there are more options and less chance of arguments about whose turn it is to use the bathroom next.

For families travelling with a stroller these rooms also have the advantage that you can store it the bathroom area during the times when no-one is showering, whilst still having full access to toilet and washing facilities. As space is a premium, this makes a big difference to being able to move around your room with ease.

How much time are you planning to spend in your room?

As a family when we board, we are rarely in our room. We’re usually found either out on deck or wandering around the ship looking for characters. Our room is somewhere we go back to, to change and to sleep. For us that means we would rather go on a longer cruise and have a less expensive room.

However, it can’t be denied that the inside cabins could feel a little claustrophobic if you are the kind of family who likes to spend time relaxing in your room rather than being out and about in the hustle and bustle of the ship. Oceanview staterooms have large porthole windows, with stunning views of the ocean around you. They also provide beautiful photo backdrops, after all how often do you get to look as though you are surrounded by the sea?

Disney Cruise Porthole Cabin

Are there lots of sea days?

On port days the ship is never very busy, you can move around, sunbathe where you like and easily find a space to relax. On sea days however, when everyone is onboard communal areas are often busier and you may not be able to find a seat or sun lounger in your ideal spot. For those wanting to soak up the rays in peace, a balcony cabin is the perfect option. Setting sail looking at the ocean from your very own space is a feeling that is hard to beat.

As a further caveat and to help you decide whether this is the option for you it’s also worth bearing in mind the clientele who are likely to be on your particular cruise. Whilst on most cruises the adult pool area is comparatively quiet compared to the children’s areas, during transitioning on the Transatlantic crossings this often switches round, with more adults than families cruising.

Are You Looking For The Height Of Luxury?

There’s no denying that everywhere aboard the Disney ships embodies luxury, but the very height of that are the concierge suites. From the larger more spacious accommodation, to the dedicated concierge team on hand to meet your every need. And of course not forgetting the private areas of the ship – including a sun terrace – available to concierge guests only. If you are looking to add the icing on to the cake of what will already be an incredible vacation, these are the rooms you’ll want to investigate.

Wherever You Choose…

Wherever you choose to lay your head at night, you can be sure of a holiday to remember. Your cabin will be beautiful. It will have all those Disney extras, that make a difference to your stay. And, most importantly of all, it will have you. A family destined to make memories.

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