Why I Bought DVC Resale

By Vacation Club Life / July 21, 2013


I just wanted to thank you and ResalesDVC for all of your help during the buying process.

As I have discussed with you, buying into DVC was the smartest move I have made in a long time! As the father of two daughters (19 and 13), you can imagine our need to have access to more than one bathroom as well as a bit of privacy. Our past Disney vacations have required having two rooms.

Our last trip, deemed to be the grand finale (as my older daughter was going to college), we puled out all of the stops and got connecting rooms at the Grand Floridian. That was really nice…until I got the bill! Well, I did know the costs up front, but for a few bucks more, I could have been a DVC member!

As we were discussing vacation options for this year, the girls (and frankly I) wanted to go back to Disney. Once again shopping for rooms (and looking at value and moderate resorts) I found that, once again, for not too much more than one stay, I could buy a membership in DVC.

After doing a bit of research and price checking, I found ResalesDVC was the best bet for me. After dealing with everyone there, I KNOW I made the right decision.

As a Disney junkie (who had been in denial!), this membership is a godsend! Based on my calculations, my Disney vacation this year will cost substantially less than a value resort! I included the Dining Plan, airfare, rental car and annual passes. If I add in my annual dues, the cost is about the same as staying at a value resort. AND I get two bedrooms, a living room, privacy AND I get at least one more, identical trip this year (passes bought so I will have to provide meals and travel)! I did NOT include the purchase price as, based on how we travel and plan to use the membership, we expect to have recovered the price (with interest) in less than 7 years. As I value it, this was a no brainer!

Yet another benefit is that going more often means we can take our time. If we miss something, we can see it shortly thereafter because we get to go more than once every 2 years! More relaxation, more enjoyment…who could ask for more?

Finally, and as you know, I bought into OKW with an expiration of 2042 (but considering buying an extension). Given my daughter’s ages, they can enjoy this membership with us (and their children) for many, many years to come.

Again, thanks so much for your help, information, support and (most importantly) patience! You and your team made the process quick and easy and I really enjoyed working with you guys!

Hey, you know anyone looking to part with 50 or 60 more points? I want guaranteed THREE trips every year!

Kindest regards,
Robert M.

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