Second Quarter 2020: DVC ROFR & Resale Data

By Kristen Tutas / September 9, 2020

April-June ROFR 2020

In this article you will find our Second Quarter DVC resale report which includes Right of First Refusal (ROFR) and average sale prices from offers that were accepted and sent to ROFR during the months of April, May and June. 

Keep in mind that individual sale prices can easily vary based on the size of the contract (in points) and the current point availability of the contract – “loaded” (having current points + banked points) or “stripped” (having no current points). Smaller point contracts tend to sell for around $10-$15 per point higher due to high demand and lower inventory. Prices below do not include closing costs or annual dues – two separate features to the sale terms.

What is Disney’s Right of First Refusal?
The purpose of Disney’s Right of First Refusal (ROFR) is to control the value of their property. When there is an accepted offer and a signed contract, DVC will do an analysis of the terms of the contract and decide if they wish to “step in” as the buyer. The criteria DVC uses for ROFR is not public information but one important factor for exercising ROFR would be if they feel the selling price, including who pays closing costs and maintenance and taxes, is below the target price they have established.

DVC Resale Market Report

Overall there have been minor price changes compared to the first quarter of 2020 and even going back to the last quarter of 2019, which is incredible to report during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most resorts saw about a $5 per point decrease in average sale price during the second quarter but as I am writing this post, prices are already stabilized and heading in an upward trend. Disney has started exercising ROFR again and I expect that trend to continue as normal.

Some things to note about the data below: The continuing demand for smaller point contacts (100 points or less) has kept average prices steady as those contracts tend to sell for higher prices. This was the case with Hilton Head, which we saw increase quite a bit this quarter primarily due to multiple 25-50 point contracts selling above $80 per point.

April-June 2020 DVC ROFR & Resale Prices
RESORT Avg. Sale Price
Avg. Sale Price
April – June
Animal Kingdom $109 $107
Aulani $99
$115 (SUBS)
Bay Lake Tower $145 $140
Beach Club Villas $157 $149
Boardwalk Villas $130 $124
Grand Californian
Grand Floridian $156
Hilton Head $63 $74
Old Key West (2042) $101 $97 200 points @ $80
Old Key West (2057) $108 $112
Polynesian $145 $136
Saratoga Springs $106 $95 150 points @ $91
150 points @ $95
Vero Beach $58 $61
Wilderness Lodge: Boulder Ridge $100 $98
Wilderness Lodge: Copper Creek $143 $147
Sales By Resort

Contract sizes sold these three months ranged from 25 points up to 540 points with the most common amount of points purchased being 150 points and the average amount of points purchased at 156 points. The most points were sold at Saratoga Springs, followed by Polynesian, Animal Kingdom, and Old Key West. 


If you have any questions about Disney’s ROFR or want more details on a particular sale or resort, please email us at or call 866-544-2919.

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