New Name for Wilderness Lodge DVC

By Kristen Tutas / September 24, 2016

Since welcoming its first Members home in 2000, this rustically elegant Disney Vacation Club Resort has celebrated the optimistic journey of Americans who rode the rails west to forge a new way of life. The villas draw inspiration from the quaint residential communities established by those pioneers along the tracks that enabled their mass migration.

Beginning October 25th, the resort will transition to its new name – Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge – giving that rustic community a more distinctive identity and allowing Walt Disney Imagineers to bring the community’s story to life in new ways, including through a re-imagination of the former Hidden Springs Pool area.

The new, more richly themed name also will distinguish the resort and its condominium association from the proposed new Disney Vacation Club development and condominium association at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, announced in the winter 2015 edition of Disney Files Magazine.

The naming evolution is similar to that of DVC’s flagship resort, which opened in 1991 as Disney Vacation Club Resort and later adopted its more distinctive Disney’s Old Key West Resort name as other Disney Vacation Club Resorts joined the neighborhood. Just as the Disney’s Old Key West Resort name distinguished the resort from its neighbors and allowed Imagineers to more deeply explore the resort’s thematic connections to the Florida Keys, the transition from The Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge to Boulder Ridge Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge will distinguish the resort from its proposed “next door neighbor” and allow Imagineers to further explore the resort’s rugged roots.

Look for updates to signage and other materials to appear in waves in the months ahead, and watch Disney Files Magazine for more details about the enhanced pool area and its connections to the story of Boulder Ridge.

Disney's Wilderness Lodge

SOURCE: Disney Files Magazine (Fall 2016)

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Kristen Tutas

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