New Details on the DVC Cabins at Fort Wilderness

By Kristen Tutas / December 8, 2023

At yesterday’s annual Disney Vacation Club condo meeting, members got a sneak peek of what’s to come for the brand-new DVC Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness.

The cabin designs will incorporate four themes: camping, canoeing, archery, and fishing. Keeping up with the love of the outdoors and all things nostalgic, the cabins will have artwork featuring River Country and The Junior Woodchucks of the World. Disney “easter eggs,” like hidden Mickeys, will also be sprinkled into the design. One unique item planned is a carved lamp that includes the date November 19th, which was the opening date of Fort Wilderness in 1971.

In a previous post, we discussed what’s to come for this newest DVC project. This is a unique opportunity for Disney to reimagine a “moderate” level resort and bring it up to “deluxe.” Not only will there be 350 new DVC cabins, the resort will also see enhancements to recreation, dining, walking trails and more. The existing campground will remain, as this has been a long-time fan favorite amongst many Disney guests.

Stay tuned to the Vacation Club Life Blog for more details on the newest DVC project at Disney’s Fort Wilderness!

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Kristen Tutas