Just Released: 2019 DVC point charts

By Kristen Tutas / December 29, 2017

Start planning your next Disney vacation now! 2019 DVC point charts for all Disney Vacation Club resorts are below. Point requirements will vary by resort, unit size, and time of year. While the grand total of vacation points for a resort doesn’t change, DVC can re-arrange point requirements for individual nights across the calendar year. However, if one night increases there must be a decrease somewhere else to keep the total number of vacations points the same. The specific dates allocated across the “Seasons” will also change to accommodate Easter and Thanksgiving which are not on the same date each year.

The only two resorts with point changes for 2019 are Animal Kingdom and Vero Beach.

Animal Kingdom: Value rooms have reduced in point requirements while Concierge level rooms went up. A week in a Value Studio during Adventure Season will go from 69 points down to needing only 60 points whereas a week in a Concierge Level Studio during that same time will go up from 125 to 139 points. Similar adjustments are seen throughout the calendar for Value and Concierge rooms only.

Vero Beach: Small adjustments can be seen to Deluxe Inn Ocean View rooms, Standard Studio rooms, and Two Bedroom Villas. A Deluxe Ocean View Inn Room will increase to 141 points for the Magic Season in 2019 but requirements for a Standard Studio will decrease slightly across the various seasons. A Two Bedroom Villa will require about 10 more points for a week during Adventure, Choice, and Dream Seasons.

Click below to view the point charts or download all as a PDF here: 2019 DVC Point Charts


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