How to Rent DVC Points as a Resale Owner

By Vacation Club Life / October 4, 2018

“Welcome Home!”  Hearing this greeting when you arrive for your Disney resort stay is like sweet music to the ears; it helps create a direct connection between your family and all of the magic that Disney has to offer. Choosing to purchase a Disney Vacation Club resale contract strengthens this connection. It allows for endless smiles and countless memories made over years of Disney trips using the magical points you now call your own to plan the vacations you’ve been dreaming of.  

DVC Grand Floridian

fountain in the lobby of the Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Sometimes life can get in the way of trip planning when unexpected expenses such as medical or car repair bills pop up that clear out your vacation fund.  Over the years weddings, school schedules, or relocating to start a new job may affect the time set aside for a getaway.   Maybe even a new vacation idea has begun calling your name!  Instances like these, is where David’s Vacation Club Rentals comes to the rescue!

Our service can assist DVC Resale Owners in a variety of ways, and through this post, we will discuss some of the many perks of working with our company.

 “In Every Job That Must Be Done There Is an Element of Fun!”

The Disney Vacation Club is undoubtedly a program full of magic, and once you have purchased a DVC contract there is a whole new language to learn!  The words “banking,” “borrowing,” and “expiry” start to loom large.  Things such as booking windows, deadlines, calendars, and availability start bouncing around in your brain like Tigger on his tail!  Figuring out how best to use your points within their usage stipulations can seem quite daunting!  It’s not uncommon for DVC Owners to find themselves overwhelmed by the complexities of the Disney Vacation Club’s details and policies.

As it is something we work with all day every day, our team is well-versed in the various aspects of Disney’s timeshare program.  We have worked with countless DVC Owners who have come to us with questions and confusion regarding their use years, banking/borrowing/expiry deadlines, point totals and more.  Our team is happy to break down the information, making it more understandable and easier to utilize.  As the pioneers of DVC point rentals, we began in 2005 and learned the policies, procedures, and rules involved with DVC.  We’re happy to assist all Owners in learning how best to work with their new contracts.  

To be as efficient and effective as possible, our team has amassed an expansive knowledge of not only the DVC system, but also the resorts, destinations, and more!  We work with all 14 Disney Vacation Club resorts across North America and have demand for all of them.  No matter which DVC resort you call home, we can work with your points to find a match.  

Disney’s Beach Club Villas

Our team members will look at the Use Year/Month of Issue/Expiry of the points listed for rent and will search for a guest request that would be the best match and offer the maximum usage. 

We do our very best to match available points for rent as quickly and efficiently as possible; aiming to maximize the points used, and in conjunction with that, the funds recouped by the DVC Owner for those points that may otherwise expire.  Our service is truly a win-win situation!  DVC Owners are able to receive financial compensation for points they are unable to use, guests can experience their dream stay at a deluxe resort at significant savings, and Disney sees their resort rooms (and parks) kept at a higher occupancy, thus leading to higher revenue!  As Mary Poppins would say, “it’s practically perfect in every way!”

Copper Creek Grand Villa at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Copper Creek Grand Villa at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Let Us “Share a Whole New World With You!” – Other Point Swap Options

The Disney Vacation Club does limit some of the ways that DVC Owners can use their points when they have purchased their contracts through resale.  Two of those restrictions involve using points towards bookings with the Disney Cruise Line and Adventures by Disney.  While this is something that resale Owners are unable to book directly through the Disney Vacation Club (due to stipulations in their policies), we have designed point swap programs which still allow you to book the Disney cruise or adventure of your dreams, all at a better value for your points!  If like Belle you’ve wanted “adventure in the great wide somewhere,” we are here to help make that dream a reality!

Disney Dream Cruise

Disney Dream

When using points to make a booking through the Disney Cruise Line or Adventures by Disney, DVC charges a fee for transferring your points into a different system, as well as offers a lower value for points used outside of the DVC resorts.  When working with our cruise swap service, our Cruise Specialists will book the sailing with the Disney Cruise Line directly (where the cost of the cruise is determined in dollars, not points) and rent your unused points for a guest staying at a DVC resort. The funds for reservations made is applied towards your cruise.  This allows us to maximize the value of the DVC Owner’s points financially, as well as avoid the conversion fee charged through DVC.  For resale Owners, this provides an opportunity to use your precious points for any kind of Disney vacation you truly want to take, without the added limitations set by the Disney Vacation Club.

We handle all communication with the cruise line, allowing the DVC Owners we work with to focus on a stress-free vacation and avoid the time and hassle of planning the details.  As a thank you for booking with our service, we also offer an onboard credit to your stateroom!  

Stateroom on the Disney Dream

Stateroom on the Disney Dream

Our newest service offers the same benefits for Adventures by Disney vacations!  Much like our cruise swap program, we apply the funds for point rentals to the cost of the adventure of your choice, saving you the cost of fees and giving you a higher return for the value of your points.

Adventures by Disney trips often take a lot of planning, as well as back-and-forth communication with Disney’s Vacationistas, and our team is happy to take care of that on your behalf.  Allow us to handle the calls, hold-times, and hassle as we put your points to work!  Adventure is out there, and our team is here to help you find it!

Gondola in Venice

Adventures by Disney – Gondola in Venice

All it takes to get started is a phone call to our office at 1-800-610-5791 (9am-5:00pm EST, 7 days a week) and one of our Team Members would be more than happy to provide you with additional information, as well as a quote on the vacation you are interested in!

“You’ve Got A Friend” In Us!  – Customer Service You Can Count On

Along with the financial perks that can come from renting unused Disney Vacation Club points, we are committed to providing a high level of customer service to both guest and owner.  Our team works with DVC Owners from all over the world, and as many of them have busy schedules, we aim to keep our process as streamlined and efficient as possible.  Our system doesn’t require DVC Owners to contact us each day and chase after potential reservations.  We assist the guests with their vacation planning and handle all questions and communications.  We then contact the DVC Owners we work with and whose points fit the request once availability has been checked and the reservation details are lined up and ready to go. 

pool area at Disney’s Old Key West

pool area at Disney’s Old Key West

As we never have access to the DVC Owners’ membership accounts, we do rely on them for certain aspects of our service, such as making reservations and completing certain changes or additions to reservations which have already been secured.  These changes and additions are ones that the guests or our team members are unable to complete on their behalf (such as adding/removing guests, adding dining plans, making room vicinity requests, etc.)  We do our very best to keep the number of reservations made with an Owner’s points as few as possible to minimalize the number of additional tasks.  We also handle all communications with the guests, so the DVC Owners we work with have no direct contact with the families that rent their points and do not need to obtain or verify information on their own; we take care of as much of the process as possible!

Many DVC Owners will choose to work with us not only because of the ease of the process, but also the security.  Both the DVC Owner and guest are held to a legally binding contract to keep the reservation in good standing.  This means that once an Owner’s points have been used to make a reservation and those guests have paid in full, they are not able to cancel and the Owner is guaranteed payment for the points used.  There is also no direct contact between the Owners and guests, so the DVC Owners’ membership details and personal information are kept private and confidential.

Much like Pinocchio, we’ve got no strings to hold you down, make you fret, or make you frown!  There are no fees to sign up with our service, and we also don’t require owners to keep their points in our queue if they decide to change their minds.  Any unused points are always the Owners’ to use at their discretion.  There is no penalty to remove any unused points from our rental queue or change the number of points listed, and our team is always happy to assist accordingly!  

There are many positive reasons to work with us, and our team at David’s Vacation Club Rentals is ready, willing, and able to help you take your points “to infinity and beyond!” ~Stacy

Magic Kingdom Fireworks

Magic Kingdom Fireworks

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