DVC Financing Explained in 3 Easy Steps

By Vacation Club Life / October 27, 2020

You must be considering purchasing a DVC points contract on the resale market – well CONGRATULATIONS!  You are on your way to years of Disney vacations at a discount and the DVC experts at Vacation Club Life are here to assist you.

Once you have decided to purchase, you should get your financing in place as the approval does not expire, giving you plenty of time to work with one of our team members to find that perfect DVC points package.  We recommend the DVC financing experts at Vacation Club Loans because they finance all DVC properties located in Florida, Hawaii, South Carolina, and California with as little as 10% down payment, zero loan fees, and no pre-payment penalties. 

With their easy, 3 step process, you will be hearing “Welcome Home” in no time. 


The first step to DVC financing is choose your loan payment and terms to fit your budget. Click here to use an easy payment calculator for different loan amounts: 

With Vacation Club Loans:

  • No Loan Origination Fee (saving you $199).
  • No 30 Days of Prepaid Interest due at closing (saves you more cash). 
  • No Prepayment Penalties.
  • Loans Over $8,000 can be financed up to 10 years. 
  • Loans Under $8,000 are 7 years.
  • US citizens and Canadians both qualify. 

For example, a loan of $15,000 over 120 months creates a monthly payment of approximately $214 per month.


All DVC loans are guaranteed approval, no matter your credit score! 650 FICO or higher qualifies for 90% financing of any DVC contract you like.  Less than 649 FICO qualifies for 85% financing of any DVC contract you like. 

Approvals are done within minutes during our normal business hours.  

To get approved simply fill out a one-page credit application on this encrypted and secure website:


The third step is for you to sign your DVC closing documents after Disney waives Right of First Refusal (ROFR).  Your title company will send you one complete package including your loan documents. Once this package is completely executed and returned to your title company, the loan amount will be wired to your title company immediately to ensure a fast closing. 

The DVC financing process is complete in 3 easy steps! 

Now go have a Magical vacation year after year and enjoy those DVC villas and Disney memories!

For more information or a free quote email Debbie Ely @ or call 1-800-334-2334.

Vacation Club Loans is A+ rated by the BBB

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