DVC Banking and Borrowing 101

By Kristen Tutas / April 25, 2017

Banking and borrowing are features of a DVC Membership that allow for a great range of flexibility. Disney Vacation Club Members can bank Vacation Points from the current Use Year for use in their next Use Year—or borrow Vacation Points from the following Use Year to book a reservation in their current Use Year. Remember, your Use Year marks the time each year when you receive a new allotment of Vacation Points. For example: April Use Year owners receive their points every April 1st. 

Banking DVC Points

Banking is the term for moving Vacation Points from the current Use Year to the next Use Year. As a Disney Vacation Club Member, one of the great advantages of your Membership is vacation flexibility. Some years, you may not be able to use all your Vacation Points—or perhaps you want to take a bigger vacation next year. In these cases, banking Vacation Points for use in your next Use Year is a great solution. View the PDF below to learn more about banking:

DVC Banking Points 101

Borrowing DVC Points

Borrowing is the term for moving Vacation Points from the next Use Year to apply toward a vacation in this Use Year. To illustrate, let’s say you’ve created a vacation plan for your family, but it requires nearly twice the number of your allotted annual Vacation Points. You can still take your magical getaway because, as a Member, you have the flexibility to borrow Vacation Points from your next Use Year. View the PDF below to learn more about borrowing:

DVC Borrowing Points 101

With so many terms and phrases used by members, the DVC program can be a bit overwhelming at first. Check out our DVC Vocabulary page for more important terms to know as a Disney Vacation Club Member. As always, if you have any questions, give us a call at 866-544-2919 or email us:


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