Changes to DVC Membership Extras Eligibility

By Kristen Tutas / February 12, 2018

Disney Vacation Club has recently updated the eligibility requirements for Membership Extras. Starting February 25th, a member must own at least 75 points purchased directly from Disney to gain access to Membership Extras like special events, annual pass and ticket discounts as well as the vacation options available in the Disney and Concierge Collections. While existing owners who currently qualify for Membership Extras will not be effected by this new policy, its important to note that Membership Extras are considered incidental benefits and can be changed or removed for all owners at any time. You should not purchase an interest in the vacation ownership plan in reliance upon the continued availability or renewal or extension of these benefits.

“Membership Extras, such as vacation options in the Disney and Concierge Collections, certain discounts, offers, and special events are incidental benefits. These incidental benefits are subject to change or termination without notice, may require the payment of a fee and cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions. Membership Extras are also subject to availability and block-out dates may apply, including high periods of demand such as Christmas and New Year’s Day. To receive any Membership Extras, purchasers must present a valid Disney Vacation Club Membership Card along with a corresponding valid photo ID. Effective February 25, 2018, to obtain a Disney Vacation Club Membership Card, Members must accumulate a total of at least 75 Vacation Points purchased directly from DVD. Disney and Concierge Collections options are not available for ownership interests not purchased directly from Disney Vacation Development, Inc. after March 21, 2011, and, effective April 4, 2016, Members who have not purchased an ownership interest directly from DVD will not have access to Membership Extras.”

Please refer to the Membership Extras Acknowledgement and Disclosure Statement for full details.

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Kristen Tutas