7 Essential Things To Pack On Your First Disney Cruise

By Vacation Club Life / July 26, 2017

Your first Disney cruise is a special occasion, you look forward to it for months and want to make sure everything goes to plan when you eventually get there. So, apart from the obvious holiday attire what do you need to pack in your suitcase to ensure you make the most of the magic onboard?

1. Disney Costumes 

Disney Cruise Costumes

Although costumes are available on board, and I’m yet to manage a cruise without buying one, taking a few from home never goes amiss. Children love to dress up like their favourite Disney characters, and there is nothing quite like being treated like a real princess whilst wearing their dresses. Whether you’re handy with a sewing machine or opting for store bought options, costumes are one thing you can never have too many of.

2. Door Decorations

On board the ship, every door to every cabin, in every corridor looks the same. Until that is the guests embark. Many guests onboard the ships decorate their doors Disney Style to make sure theirs stands out from the crowd. As the doors are magnetic, this is both easy and mess free. From homemade Mickey ears to go over your cabin number to store bought magnets that reflect where you come from. Your imagination really is your oyster.

3. Small Activities For Quiet Moments

Disney Cruise Activities

There really is no end to the fun once you board. If you want to run around from morning to night from one wonderful activity to the next there is no shortage of opportunities to do so. But that said, particularly for those on longer cruises, it’s always helpful to take along a few small down time activities. Pens and paper, sticker books and small toys have all gone down well with us. And also serve as a great way for keeping little ones occupied at the dinner table and in lines waiting for their favourite characters to arrive. If you’re really lucky a character may even sit down and play with your little one too…

4. A Fish Extender

Outside each cabin is a small metal fish. It’s designed for holding little notes or information you might need to know. Many families however choose to hang what has affectionately become known as a Fish Extender from this. The Fish Extender contains a pocket for each person in the room, and guests can join online gift exchange groups to surprise each other with small gifts. For those who want to join in the fun without commitment, bringing along little gifts to surprise those travelling in your own party also works well.

5. Pirate Night Goodies

Pirate Night Disney Cruise

Pirate Night onboard the Disney Cruise Line ships is a spectacle to behold. And it’s certainly not just an event for children, adults get just as involved and you’ll want to be prepared. Most children onboard will get dressed up for the occasion, and many adults will wear Pirate Night T-Shirts or other accessories such as bandanas. Etsy is a great place to start your hunt for little things to make the evening extra special

6. Favorite Snacks

If there is one thing you’ll never be short of on a Disney Cruise it’s food. The food is both delicious and abundant. For younger children however, it can be tricky to find small familiar treats especially when you are in port. Small sealed packs of dried fruit, rice cakes and mini cookies can be helpful to bring with you, for those moments that call for something known.

7. Last But Not Least…

First Disney Cruise Essentials

Probably more important than any physical thing you can pack, is a sense of magic. A Disney cruise is an experience like no other, one where staff really do get to know you and your children. Leave your worries at home, and pop your sense of adventure in your bag. You are going to have an incredible time!



Victoria is a lifelong Disney fan from England, who loves spending family holidays onboard Disney Cruise Line. A mum of two children, one nine and the other eighteen months, she is also a qualified teacher. When she isn’t running after children at home or at work she blogs at


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