2018 DVC Dues and Resort Budgets

By Kristen Tutas / November 7, 2017

Disney Vacation Club has finalized and posted the proposed budgets and annual dues for 2018 in preparation for the annual Condominium Association Meeting scheduled for Thursday, December 7, 2017. Each year the Condo Association meets to elect new board members, vote on the proposed budgets for the upcoming year, answer questions from owners and make any special announcements.

The 2018 Budgets were calculated based on the Association’s 2017 fiscal year operating experience and anticipated or known changes in costs for 2018. The estimated Annual Dues for the year January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2018 are comprised of the estimated Annual Operating Budget, the estimated Annual Capital Reserves Budget, and the estimated ad valorem taxes.

The proposed 2018 budgets for each DVC resort are listed below. Resort budgets will officially be approved on December 7th at the annual Condo Association meeting. If you are a current DVC member, you can view more information about your specific resort’s budget and the upcoming association meeting online with your member login.

2018 Proposed Annual Dues:

 Resort 2018 % Increase 2017
Animal Kingdom Villas $6.7565  +2.6% $6.5859
Aulani Hawaii (Subsidized) $5.6644  +7.2% $5.2827
Aulani Hawaii $7.5352  +7.2% $7.0297
Bay Lake Tower $5.9226  +5.3% $5.6223
Beach Club Villas $6.4430  +2.7% $6.2715
Boardwalk Villas $6.5496  +1.2% $6.4725
Grand Californian $5.8828  +4.9% $5.6070
Grand Floridian $6.1329  +4.0% $5.8960
Hilton Head $7.7159  +6.1% $7.2728
Old Key West $6.7245  +4.9% $6.4073
Polynesian $6.2005  +1.0% $6.1355
Saratoga Springs $5.8564  +4.5% $5.6037
Wilderness: Boulder Ridge $6.9339  +5.9% $6.5448
Wilderness: Copper Creek $7.2625  -0.8% $7.32
Vero Beach $8.5260  +5.2% $8.1064

Your DVC Annual Dues are applied to a variety of vital interests, including, but not limited to:

  • Operating Expenses–Housekeeping, transportation, Front Desk services, utilities, security and more
  • Administrative Expenses–Management and reservation services, insurance and more
  • Refurbishment Expenses–Updating and maintaining interiors, exteriors, common areas and more
  • Real Estate Taxes–Property taxes due to governmental agencies where your Home Resort is located

To see how these expenses are allocated for your particular ownership, click on the links below to view the 2018 DVC Resort Budgets:

Animal Kingdom
Aulani Hawaii
Bay Lake Tower
Beach Club Villas
Boardwalk Villas
Grand Californian Villas
Grand Floridian Villas
Hilton Head
Old Key West
Polynesian Villas
Saratoga Springs
Wilderness Lodge: Boulder Ridge
Wilderness Lodge: Copper Creek
Vero Beach


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