Top Reasons to Love Boardwalk Villas

By Jason Swain / January 11, 2021
Top Reasons to Love Disney’s Boardwalk Villas

The Boardwalk Villas take visitors back to the turn-of-the-century and puts you smack in the middle of Atlantic City!  The colors, the night life, the food and the entertainment meet the quaint, waterside leisure.

Disney's Boardwalk Villas Resales DVC

Disney's Boardwalk Villas Resales DVCFor my family, we found that the location, as well as the whimsical and novelty-like entertainment resulted in an experience that was truly unique.

There are many reasons why Disney’s Boardwalk Villas would be a great Resort choice.

In a nutshell, this resort offers multiple features that really help to set it apart such as location, the amusement factor of the lakeside boardwalk, the food options, a large pool area, a great community hall, and a very unique lobby full of fun-facts and artifacts from long ago. 

Disney's Boardwalk Villas Resales DVC

Want to enjoy a calming palette of pastels?  Want to feel the excitement of a real boardwalk with vendors, games and entertainers?  How about a great location and lots of food options?  Boardwalk Villas is the place for you!  

Top 6 Reasons I Love Disney’s Boardwalk Villas 
#6. Community Hall

The Community Hall located at the Boardwalk Villas was large and full of fun activities.  It had a wall of screens with different video game consoles. We played board games on rainy days and it was the only Community Hall we have come across that offered a Pinball Machine and an upright Galaga Arcade Machine for guests’ use. Our son loved it!

Disney's Boardwalk Villas Resales DVC Community Hall  Disney's Boardwalk Villas Resales DVC Community Hall Disney's Boardwalk Villas Resales DVC Community Hall Disney's Boardwalk Villas Resales DVC Community Hall

Community Halls play a big factor in the enjoyment we have as a family while staying on property at Disney World.  Yes, there are Theme Parks and attractions galore, but a Disney trip is not complete without some good, old-fashioned, sit around a table together and do some crafts kind of quality time.

Disney's Boardwalk Villas Resales DVC Community Halll Disney's Boardwalk Villas Resales DVC Community Hall Disney's Boardwalk Villas Resales DVC Community Hall

There was just so much to do from games to pottery to a large sitting area for big-screen, Disney movie watching!

#5. Pool Time Disney Boardwalk Villas Pool Slide

The pool area at the Boardwalk Villas is truly
fanciful and fun! Some might even say that
the pool is a bit on the creepy side!

We also loved the pool games… the kids have a blast!

Disney Boardwalk Villas Pool

#4. The Lobby

The Boardwalk’s Lobby is like walking through a blast from the past that is dedicated to the carnivals and seaside oddities from yesteryears!  The first piece that intrigues visitors is the large chandelier depicting four beasts that are half-horse and half-fish.

Disney's Boardwalk Villas DVC Chandelier

Of course, the ‘Nanny Chairs’ are also cool throwbacks to 19th Century Carousels found throughout Europe.  You can spend hours inspecting the various artifacts in the lobby, researching their relevance and being genuinely enthralled.  

Disney's Boardwalk Villas DVC Nanny Chair Disney's Boardwalk Villas DVC

I love the model roller coaster that depicts the first ever looping coaster in the U.S.A. which was first located on the boardwalk at Coney Island. And then there is Lucy the Elephant sitting atop the lobby fireplace mantle.  The real, full-scale Lucy is now a National Historical Landmark and can be found just south of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Disney Boardwalk Villas DVC Disney's Boardwalk Villas DVC

#3. Location

Swain Family

The Boardwalk Villas give you a beautiful view of Crescent Lake and a prime location for those who enjoy visiting Epcot and Hollywood Studios.  Now with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land being must-see additions to Hollywood Studios, the Crescent Lake resorts have become even more valuable.

From the resort, you are about an 8-minute walk to the International Gateway entrance of Epcot. Park accessibility and transportation options are key factors for many people.  We love being able to walk to desired destinations.

Also, from Boardwalk Villas, you are about a 17-minute walk to Hollywood Studios, Toy Story Land, and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge via the connector walkway.

  Swain Family EPCOT #2. Food Options

The Boardwalk Villas sits amongst a multitude of nearby dining options that are wonderful!  Dining is always an important part of our family trips and some spots that we love are in close proximity to the Boardwalk Villas, such as Trattoria al Forno, Flying Fish, dining options at Beach Club Resort located only a short walk or boat ride away, and all of the options at both Epcot and Hollywood Studios!

Food Disney Disney Food

#1. The Waterside Boardwalk

Well, we finally made it to our favourite reason for loving the Boardwalk Villas, the gorgeous boardwalk that runs along Crescent Lake.  It is the perfect pathway along which to stroll, jog, or enjoy the live entertainment.

From storefronts and restaurants to views of the water, the boardwalk will teleport you back to the olden days of American oceanfront boardwalks like Old Orchard Beach, Atlantic City, or so many others that dwell in the memories of our youth.

Disney's Boardwalk Villas Resales DVC

Day or night, there are always vendor carts, food carts, midway games and live entertainment to enjoy. And maybe our favourite boardwalk pastime is competing with other guests at the midway games.

And of course, taking home some plushies is always a highlight of the games!

Disney's Boardwalk Villas Resales DVC Disney's Boardwalk Villas Resales DVC Disney's Boardwalk Villas Resales DVCVerdict:

Boardwalk Villas is a blast from the past with a prime location and amenities galore.  It’s both cheerful and elegant, sophisticated and quirky.  

Overlooking beautiful Crescent Lake, you will feel like you are at an early 1900s family resort with a full schedule of activities and amusement.  The Boardwalk Villas appeals to young and old alike.

Disney's Boardwalk Villas Resales DVC

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