Top 10 Reasons to Buy a DVC Timeshare

By Vacation Club Life / February 19, 2013

Our friends over at My Resort Network recently posted a graph of the top purchase motivations of recent timeshare buyers. The most important features were flexibility, quality, and credibility of the association. Lets take a closer look to see the top 10 reasons why buyers purchase a Disney Vacation Club ownership.

top 10 reasons to buy a DVC

1. Overall Flexibility – You can stay for one night or as many as you have points for. Need just a weekend trip or a 14 day family getaway? You get to choose with DVC! Also, you don’t have to stay at your home resort, you can book any of the DVC resorts.

2. Quality – All the DVC resorts are “Deluxe” which is the highest classification of Disney hotels.

3. Credibility –  DVC is owned and operated by the Walt Disney Company so owners can expect the same Disney level of quality and service.

4. External Exchange – You can “exchange” your points through RCI, Club Cordial, and Club Intrawest, also known as the World Passport Collection. This gives you access to thousands of timeshare properties around the world.

5. Internal Exchange – Want to resort hop each trip? With DVC, you don’t have to book your home resort. You can stay at any of the other DVC properties and there’s no internal exchange fee!

6. Liked Resort, Amenities, Unit – Who doesn’t like staying at a Disney hotel?

7. Location of Resort – Staying on Disney property gives you easy access to the parks and Downtown Disney areas. Certain resorts are even within walking distance to the parks.

8. Save money on future vacations – When comparing rental rates to the cost of owning a DVC, its a no brainer if you want to vacation on a yearly basis. After your initial purchase, yearly expenses are Maintenance and Taxes which are a fraction of the cost of vacationing.

9. Opportunity to own at affordable price – You can buy a DVC resale much cheaper than from the developer making the savings even greater in the long run.

10. Treatment during sales presentation – When buying on the resale market, there are no pressured sales presentations. We’re here to answer your questions and help you make an informed decision on the DVC resale process. We commit to being honest, friendly, and informative so you can decide what works best for your family.

Overall, most people buy DVC because of the savings and the experience of staying on Disney property in a quality, affordable unit. Disney Vacation Club is the only timeshare located on Disney property with all the benefits of staying at Walt Disney World.

If you have questions about how DVC can work for your family, feel free to reach out to us for advice: or 1-866-544-2919

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