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  1. Which DVC Home Resort Should I Choose?

    Purchasing into the Disney Vacation Club is an exciting decision but there are many options to choose from. When buying points on the resale market, you have the option to pick your Home Resort, Use Year and number of points you’d like to own. Lets take a look at the first and probably most frequently asked question by buyers: Which DVC Home Resort should I Buy?

    Only you can decide which home resort works best for your family but to help guide your decision, try answering a few simple questions:

    1. Do you want to stay at a particular DVC resort every time you visit Disney?
    2. Will you be disappointed if you don’t?
    3. Do you have specific travel dates each year?

    If the answer is YES, then buy where you want to be and use the 7-11 month home resort “Priority Booking” window. As more owners come into the mix, reservations can be harder to get under 7 months. DVC works best when reservations are booked well in advance. You can always change your plans but at least you have the option to book early and secure your trip.

    If the answer is NO, then buy the resort that best fits your financial needs. Just remember to be flexible with your vacation plans and where you stay. You can book any of the DVC resorts under 7 months in advance, subject to availability. Resort “hopping” can be fun and give you a unique experience each time you visit Disney.