ResalesDVC Mobile App Critical Update Released – Please Read

By Vacation Club Life / September 25, 2017

A critical, time-sensitive ResalesDVC Mobile App update has been released to the Apple Store and Google Play. In order to ensure that you continue to receive notifications and can view listings, you need to update the ResalesDVC App on your mobile device before the end of September (2017). Don’t worry if you can’t update in the next 5 days. The world will not come to an end – you just won’t be able to see any listings. But please update as soon as you can.

The update will only take a couple of minutes and you can follow the steps below for iOS or Android.

Apple iOS Users
  1. Tap the App Store Icon on your home screen to open the Apple Store application
  2. Tap the Updates icon in the bottom right hand corner of the app
  3. You should see ResalesDVC as a pending update. Tap the UPDATE button.
Android Users
  1. Tap the Google Play Store Icon on your home screen to open the Play Store application
  2. Swipe from left side of screen towards the right to open the left sliding menu (or tap the menu icon in the search box)
  3. Tap the My apps & games menu item
  4. You should see ResalesDVC as a pending update. Tap the UPDATE button.

Due to events outside of our control, we had to greatly shorten the release timeframe for this update. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The Tutas family wants to thank you for your continued support of ResalesDVC.

A couple of changes you will see with the update

  1. Viewing a post (news item) no longer opens a ‘carousel’ view. Due to a lot of issues with iOS when viewing posts we decided instead to open the post in the native browser of the device (by visiting our web site). This sacrifices some ‘convenience’ for a better viewing experience.
  2. Adding and removing post bookmarks is now accomplished by ‘long-pressing’ the post you want to bookmark. Since there is no longer a ‘carousel’ view for posts, there is no Bookmark This Post button. Long pressing is simply holding your finger down on the screen for a second or two instead of ‘tapping’ the screen.
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