No Dues Until 2018?

By Kristen Tutas / August 12, 2016

All offers presented and contracts submitted to Disney for ROFR must include reference to the current year’s maintenance and taxes. Typically, during Right of First Refusal, Disney likes to see buyers contributing towards current year dues when receiving current year points. If there are no points for the current year, then buyers are not expected to pay dues on points they do not receive.

DVC bills all owners in December, regardless of Use Year, for the next year’s dues. The 2017 bill will be issued towards the middle of December 2016 and owners will have the option to pay the bill in full or pay in 12 monthly installments.

There are quite a few listings on the DVC resale market currently advertising “NO DUES UNTIL 2017,” meaning the seller is not asking a buyer to pay any of the 2016 dues. There are also a handful of listings advertising “NO DUES UNTIL 2018,” meaning the seller is not asking a buyer to pay any of the 2016 or 2017 dues. Here’s how that scenario would work:

If the sale closes prior to the middle of December, then the buyer would receive a credit at closing for the approximate 2017 dues amount, essentially lowering the amount of funds needed for closing. Once the ownership has transferred to the buyer, the new owner would then be responsible for paying the 2017 dues when the bill is received direct from Disney. If closing occurs after the middle of December 2016, then the seller will pay the 2017 bill at closing and the buyer will be up-to-date until 2018.

If you’re a buyer working with a strict budget, purchasing an ownership without 2016 or 2017 dues is a great way to save on cash funds needed for closing.

Current DVC resales that are “dues-free” until 2018:

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Kristen Tutas