March DVC Giveaway Winner

By Kristen Tutas / March 25, 2016

Our Great DVC Giveaway contest for March just ended and what a great bunch of participates we had this month! Thank you to everyone who joined and also to those that voted. With over 100 great entries, we couldn’t have picked a winner without you!

To enter the contest, users were asked to come up with a creative response to a question and the answer with the most “likes” won. This month’s giveaway was Snow White themed and the question was: “If I were the newest dwarf in the forest, my name would be……”  With 29 votes, our winner this month was Debbie with her fun answer – “MISCHIEF because I enjoy playful shenanigans.”

We had so much fun reading the entries for this month’s contest, that I thought I’d shared some of my favorites for everyone to read:

Clumsy because I always trip on everything. Even my own feet!

Stinky because I am the dwarf in charge of all the woodland creatures scampering about the house!

Justin Nuther because I would be just another dwarf in the woods.

Stripe because every three weeks I have one running down the center of my hair on my head

Jedi Master dwarfette… Because then I’d get a light saber and just because

Dopier! Coz I make dopey look like Albert Einstein! Lol

Precious because spending time at Disney and DVC Resales making dreams come true are precious.

Hoppy because I love hopping between all the different DVC resorts and parks.

TallEnough, that way I could ride all the rides and not have to be measured.

Clicker, because I love to be on my computer booking DVC vacations!!

Broke, because that is what I am following my visit to Disney

Doleful because I’d bring everyone in the forest their own Dole Whip.

Dum Dum because no matter how often Disney raises prices or changes perks, I’m a sucker and come back for more.

Snickers, because I am just a little bit nutty.

Sourpatch, because I am both sour and sweet!

Jiggy because I am excitedly energetic and active.

Baggy- because my bags are always ready to be packed for another Disney vacation!!

Nacho because i would be the only dwarf cooking and eating everything ala Mexican food style and put nacho cheese and jalapeños on everything … Uhhh and with lime !!! Now I know what I’m eating for lunch,hehe

Bossy Pants because that’s what my husband calls me.

Squishy – because that’s the way I am around the middle!

Penny less. Because of the large amount of my salary that goes to Disney every year.

Clingy because I wouldn’t get off the Mine Train until the workers promised to let me ride it again.

Robin, cause I would be helping myself to all the jewels in the mine!

Dreamy because I’m always dreaming of Disney

Cranky because I am not at Walt Disney World .

HANDY because I would be really handy fixing things around the cottage in the woods. Like locks on the doors and windows so Snow White can’t open the door to the witch with the rosy apple.

Nursey because I take care of people with the goal to help heal them and make them hurt less every day and I do it with a smile and joy in my heart.

Splashy, because I love Splash Mountain!!!

Planner because I would be planning my way out of the forest and over to Disney World.

Aloha because I would have that friendly spirit

Contests are posted on our Facebook page on the 20th of each month with the winner announced on the 25th. Our next contest will be announced on April 20th at noon EST. We hope you have as much fun participating as we will in giving away an array of Disney/DVC related prizes!

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Kristen Tutas