Grandma Jaki’s Review of Old Key West DVC

By Vacation Club Life / February 22, 2009

Old Key West Resort is a charming, residential style community reminiscent of Key West, FL in the early 1900’s.  Its lush, mature landscaping, its waterways, woodlands, fairways and tropical landscaping are not only beautiful but add to the resort’s casual look. Old Key West is located fairly close to Downtown Disney, which includes Pleasure Island and the Market Place. In fact, you can take a leisurely boat ride to Downtown Disney from Old Key West and enjoy the scenery along the way.

The villas are located in individual neighborhoods and are painted in pastel colors with Victorian architecture-very picturesque. Built in the early 1990’s. In the opinion of many of our customers who purchased from us, it definitely has that “home away from home” feeling. In fact, they said, they made many new friends in their little community of vacationers.

How do you know what size unit to reserve? Just go to the point charts and determine what season you want to vacation and then look at how many points you will need and how that fits in with the  points you actually have. You can stay in a smaller unit one year and save points for a larger unit the next year.  And, of course, your family size and comfort will also determine the unit size.  There are restrictions on occupancy so, sorry, you can’t just squeeze in as many people as you want!

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