Disney Transatlantic Cruise Highlights

By Kristen Tutas / December 26, 2017

Transatlantic Disney Cruise

For us there is one itinerary out of all the others, which given a choice wins for us every time. The Transatlantic – either Eastbound or Westbound is always our cruise of choice.

For those cruising primarily to see the world, it may not be the favoured option. But for those like us, cruising primarily to experience Disney at sea, it really is unbeatable.

More than all other itineraries, the Transatlantic by its very nature has the highest number of sea days. And sea days, ultimately mean more activities and more characters.

Having recently returned from the Westbound Transatlantic on the Magic, I thought I would share with you some of the highlights of our trip.

Safety Always Comes First

Despite the weather conspiring against us with not just one but two hurricanes deciding to put themselves in our original path, we never once felt in danger. We were rerouted, which meant that we missed a port, but the cast and crew more than made up for that. They pulled out all of the stops to make sure everyone still had a great time. The Captain even managed to sail us into sunshine every single day.

The Cast And Crew

Despite a staggering four consecutive sea days, during which they worked flat out, the cast and crew remained their incredible and enthusiastic selves. Nothing was ever too much trouble and they continued to create magic wherever they went. They must have been exhausted by the time they reached New York, but never at any point did any one of them look it.

Disney Cruise Characters

The Ports

We visited several ports that were new to us this trip. Ponta Delgada (in the Azores), Lisbon (Portugal) And New York. They were all fantastic additions to the itinerary. We got to eat Natas (Portuguese custard tarts), experience the incredible hospitality of the Portuguese and see the sights in New York. Sailing past the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island was definitely a highlight of our trip. It was just a shame that it also signified the end.

Disney Transatlantic Cruise

The Entertainment

As always the entertainment onboard was utterly incredible. There were several changes to the main stage performances since our last trip and of course some old favourites had remained. Tangled the Musical was new to us, and incredible, we were all captivated. I love how Disney is constantly thinking about improving things. But I’m also delighted that they left Disney Dreams and of course Pirate Night fully intact. After all, I’m not sure a cruise would be the same without them.

Disney Cruise Entertainment

Onboard Facilities

Both children adored the water. One of the huge benefits of a Transatlantic is that there is often a much smaller ratio of children onboard than on other cruises. This tends to mean that the family pool areas are much quieter than normal, as are the water slides. The children used this to their full advantage. At ten the eldest was old enough to exploit this to the full and at eighteen months the youngest definitely made the most of the fact that he was often the only one in Huey, Dewey and Louie splash area.

Disney Cruise Entertainment

The Food

The food was as incredible as always. One thing that I love and that really came into its own for us on this trip is that children can order from the adult’s menu. At ten, this really made my daughter’s day. Not only did it mean she felt more grown up, but also that she got to try a lot of things she’d never tasted before. Our servers were lovely and patient with her, and really made her feel like the young lady that she is all too fast becoming.

Disney Cruise Food

In Summary

If you manage to have an incredible trip even knowing that you are sailing into the path of two hurricanes, Disney is obviously getting something right. We missed a port, which meant that we still need to visit Canada. But hey, that’s just an excuse to cruise again right?

The trip was incredible, magical and unforgettable. Everything that our previous cruises have made us realise that Disney vacations should be.

The only problem we have is saving up to go back again, especially as the eldest keeps reminding us with impending doom that in the next few years the Magic will be withdrawn from the fleet.

I guess that just means we had better work extra hard, after all another ship will be wonderful, but will never quite be the same.



Victoria is a lifelong Disney fan from England, who loves spending family holidays onboard Disney Cruise Line. A mum of two children, one nine and the other eighteen months, she is also a qualified teacher. When she isn’t running after children at home or at work she blogs at



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